Saturday, January 26, 2008

RTSJ: Real Time Specification for Java (JSR-1)

Finally I am uploading my presentation on above topic!
Well almost an year and half ago , when DR (my mentor and our SVP Engineering) asked me to read and talk on JSR-1: Real Time Specification for Java (RTSJ), I prepared this presentation. I remember Sunil Desai our SVP Technology Solutions was very keen on embedded Java . That's the reason he suggested DR to explorer more on this topic. And then came me.

Well enough with the history, let me tell you one more thing: Though this presentation is year old why today I am uploading it here / posting it here?
I was basically surprised to know that Googles Blogger (this blogging site / tool) does not allow me to upload presentations / ppts. Because of this reason only I was delaying the posting of my various ppts here! ;-)
Then today I came across a cool website: SlideShare! And my work done!

1. My presentation on RTSJ is purely theoretical and I does not have any professional experience in this area. ;-) Though your comments / suggestions / critics are always welcome.

2. I have mentioned DR my mentor and our SVP Engineering. His name is Mr. Dhananjay Kulkarni but he is commonly known as DR. Other than usual technical and management work in IT industry he is also involved in many social activities. He is a Trustee of an NGO named Sanvedana. If you are interested in Sanvedana please visit website DR can be reached at

Here is the the presentation ...

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