Thursday, February 28, 2008

Model Driven Architecture (MDA)

MDA: A very close word to me! During 2003 / 2004 I remember I had used this word million times for several reasons: one of the main reason was to impress others ;-)

I came across this topic when I was working with Component Plus Pvt Ltd in Pune. (Sorry I cant put Component Plus url here as this organization had stopped its working and all other activities)
There I got a chance to give a closer look to MDA. The product named AppWeaver really impressed this fresher!

Later I started working with Aftek Ltd and during some technology presentations I decided to present on MDA. One reason to chose MDA was to read and understand the philosophy again after 4 years from a senior developers perspective :-)

The same presentation I have attached here just for educational purpose! Feel free to comment on the same :-)

BTW MDA stands for Model Driven Architecture and is a software architecture philosophy currently managed by OMG people.

Here is the ppt ...

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