Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mission Gondas: (Old wine in new bottle?)

After a year (and half!) I opened “Mission Gondas” the orkut community with the same enthusiasm and expectations! Reason: I will not disclose this now (I mean do I really need to do this?). Well drama / suspense apart; let me come straight to the point. (Hussha! ha?)

I thought why not to copy and paste the contents written under community “Mission Gondas” to my blog? Simple reason ha? So here I go …

Note: Readers don’t ask me any questions on this till my next post on the same topic ;-)

Mission Gondas : Update-1

Hi All,

Today we (AFTAK) had moved by a single step towards Mission Gondas. Here is how!

2 Sep, 2006 1530 hrs IST AFTAK NEWS NETWORK ]

Guru-Ganesh Nagar, Pune
The First and Solid step by Gondas Inc. towards the acquisition of Planet 'M' Pvt. Ltd. has rocked the city last weekend!
As per our Reuters, Gondas Inc. has purchased (Full Cash Payment) BAJAJ PULSAR DTSI 180cc on last Saturday. The Bike popularly known as 'Definitely Male' will definitely going to be helpful for Gondas Inc.s next quarters performance and horizontal growth, said market analysts.
Below are the pictures of the event. And lets hope soon Gondas Inc. will share this sweet time with all its shareholders :)

Today's Poll:
What you think, how much time it will take to Gondas Inc. to fully and legally acquire Planet 'M' Pvt. Ltd. ?
1. Less than 6 months.
2. Its impossible: Other parties are already in talk with Planet 'M' Pvt. Ltd.
3. Can't say.
Reply this mail, with your answer and the supplementary reason. AFTAK News will throw a Jumbo Party to best answer.
So hurry up poll closes by end of the day!

Please visit preetamp\public\news to see the event photos !
we apologies for this inconvenience as our IT infrastructure is still in its way of maturity, please bear us for some more time ... we are growing !


AFTAK News Limited
Phone No: +91-20-25411110 (Ext: 2023)


Mission Gondas : Update-2

Greetings to all the enthusiastic and prestigious viewers of leading news channel AFTAK !
First of all, we would like to thank everyone of you, who have participated in this opinion poll, given us a small time from your busy schedule. Thanks a lot!

I know we said that we will be declaring the results at
6:30 PM today, and you people might be wondering, its 8:00 PM now ! to be very true, we were judging your patience :)
Well the time has arrived to declare the results.

This result we will describe in a single like "Satyameva Jayate"
Yes you people are on right track.

Total votes received : 14
Total votes without supporting reason : 2
Option 1 got : 8 call it as pool 1
Option 2 got : 5 call it as pool 2
Option 3 got : 1 call it as pool 3

So the it’s a time to declare the lucky and smart winner from pool 1 as pool 1 has the majority!
And the winner is Amit Nahar ! ! !
This person is also a shareholder and acts as an Executive director for Gondas Inc. has shown a great faith in this organization. His quotes has shown that, he has a clear vision for the organization and his strategic planning is going to give the investors good returns.

Here is what he had said while inclining towards Option 1.
"To completely acquire Planet 'M' Private Ltd. legally, Gondas Inc. will first have to first completely dis-own the currently acquired Planet 'M' Public Ltd (read it as planet moon look that he is sporting these dayz). and make sure that it is replaced by a considerable amount of agricultural growth in that section :-)

Also, at the same time, Gondas Inc. (though definitely male now) is pretty low on confidence and un-willing for the much desired acquisition of Planet 'M' Private Ltd. The current stakeholders of Gondas Inc have to share this responsibility to give assistance and show confidence in the firm. The stakeholders rather than backing up, and voting for option '2' of the poll, need to have a common understanding that this is one stock which guarantees growth for sure, though slowly.

Hence, I would request all stake holders to show trust in Gondas Inc and work towards making the acquisition successful."

Congratulations Mr. Amit Nahar !

And thanks again to all the viewers of AFTAK, it’s your faith and love that had always encouraged us for our innovative ideas. Hoping for the same and more trust from you in future.


Mission Gondas : Update-3

Well one more good news !
The board of AFTAK has decided to give a consolation prize too. This prize will be given to a person from pool 2.
Guessing who is that lucky person ... ?
yeah she is Meenal K ! ! !
Congratulations Meenal K. ! ! !

Meenal is one of the members of Non-Executive Board of AFTAK, remains always ahead to figure out the Strengths and Weaknesses of the organizations. Her realistic vision has always helped the organization to target and convert the so seen impossible dreams into reality!

About the Gondas Inc.s Shopping Spree, her vision is very straightforward and realistic ...
"There is tough, hefty (I mean it ;)) competition"

Thanks All
AFTAK News Limited.


RTI : Disclosing the votes!

Hi All,
One small step towards supporting RTI, the AFTAK board has decided to disclose the votes received in yesterdays poll.



AFTAK News Limited
Phone No: +91-20-25411110 (Ext: 2023)


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