Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zop (marathi) means Sleep !

झोप ! means sleep !
Worth mentioning before I go ahead with the post: Just to write "zop" in marathi ... it took almost 10 mins ! Why? on this blogger I cant write in marathi though I can in hindi ... so to find marathi "za" ... I went to PL Deshopandes site ... and after a bit of smart work I made it ;-)
well ... why this subject? and how come I am finding "time" to write ... and that to 2 posts in a day!

Simple ... the answer to both these questions is: Life ;-)
What to write on झोप ? This thought slightly reminded me that its 10:45 pm Sunday night, and tomorrow I need to go to driving class and then to office .. Its monday man!
well ... झोप is very funny thing; because of her झोप only; I am writing on झोप ;-)
झोप is very biased: when there are exams झोप comes and when there are football matches झोप never comes ;-)
(For this post: please forgive my english as I know I am stretching a lot!)

For some people झोप unavoidable; when झोप comes; irrespective of where they are and what they are doing ... they just go to sleep with झोप on their face!
some people (like me) can avoid झोप depending up on the circumstances. I typically avoid झोप if i have to do some NON-IMPORTANT thing otherwise I surrender! But generally we hostelite people are निशाचर means nocturnal animals like ज़ुरल (this is the problem u face if you try to write "z"!) means cockroach!
From cockroach I just reminded that, We need to do paste control in out flat: D-9, Vrundawan !

okay coming back to cockroach .... no no ... coming back to ज़ुरल ... come on ...
coming back to झोप ... there i am ! (yes मला झोप येत आहे!)
झोप timings vary depending up the seasons. In monsoon and winter generally people go to झोप early and also they wake up late. Whereas in summer people go to bed late and wake up early!
For some software professionals like me above rule anyways does not apply! I feel very bad when I say this :-(

One more thing: A hostelite who used to wake up early at home before he go to some other place for studying will start waking up late.... Now when this guy/gal join a s/w company and after that go to his / her native place ... his / her mom/dad will never ask him/her to wake up early. reason : अरे हमारा बेटा / बेटी बहोत कष्ट कराती हैं ;-)
बर आता लई बोर जाले आहे ... so stopping ...
in another words ... लई झोप आली आहे ;-)

bye and good night :-)

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