Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life is calling .... Life has called up ... Talking with Life ... ! ;-)

Those who know me well can anyways figure out what the blog title is all about ! ;-)
So what should Iwrite here? I was thinking (as usual .... I just keep on thinking but hardly do anything :-( !) of writing a real cool stuff here ... but insted of waiting .... Istarted off this time ... thanks to Life ... she kept me waiting till she come online ;-)

I am still thinking ... what shall I write here? Insted of think and write ... this time I am just writing .... At this time I am in Sify net cafe .... Ashish is also online ... as usual we are talking about Life and All ;-)
लम्बी खामोशी ..... अब क्या लिखु ? ... अरे कीधर हैं वो ?

and she is online .... so bye all ! ! ! :-))

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