Saturday, May 19, 2007


Demophobia. They say its "Fear of crowds". I say its fear of Demo.
Why one should be afraid of Demo ? Rather who should be afraid of Demo. I will say everyone around Demo.
Hey come on Demo is not a Tiger or Dinosaur or even not a stinking sox.
Actually yes ?
  • We in software industry keep giving Demos to various people; client, directors, managers, venture capitalists ... Everyone is afraid of this : We as well as They.
    • My manager asks me to setup a Demo for our Director. I and my colleagues all work hard and hard, we don't sleep the night before Demo and the next day the Director say he don't want this.
    • Next time my manager work even harder (of course this means we work hard ;-) ) and we give so called a controlled Demo. Wow ! this time it worked. After this what? Now its our so called moral responsibility to convert the Demo to a all time running, bug free system.
    • After Demo what ? My manager start preparing for next Demo. Hey man what about that bug free system that we were supposed to build after first Demo? don't know.
    • After 4 months. We have a 15MB of code for 4 different Demos! which will never work together a an integrated product.

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