Monday, July 25, 2005

Shikha on my ‘PST’ (preetam’s standard time) timings!

It’s half past-eight in the office and the lights are still on, computers are still running, coffee machines are still buzzing. So, who’s this, still at work?
Almost all the ‘workaholic’ specimens are 20-something males of the species.
A close look reveals that almost all of them are bachelors. The question then arises, why are they sitting late?
Working hard? Not by a long shot! Any guesses?
On second thoughts, let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth.
I quote – “Arey yaar, what’s there to do after going home. Idhar to net hain, AC hain, phone hain, khaana hain, chai-coffee hain… toh jam ke khaao, jam ke piyo (burps), jam ke chatting/phone karo aur thak jaane par ghar jaao… aur boss bhi kush thinking that I am working late…(burps again) aur khaane ka paisa bhi bachtaa hain.”

This is the scene in most software companies and other off-shoring company offices. Bachelors killing time during late hours in the office just coz they’ve nothing else to do, is more the norm than the exception.

So, what is my point, you might ask. Well, the consequences of such ‘unfair practices’ can be quite drastic, especially for the other employees.

  • “Working” (for the record only) late hours soon becomes a part of the company culture.

  • With bosses more than eager to provide support to those ‘working late’ in the form of conveyance reimbursement and food vouchers, of course the much sought after pat on the back. (Oh, he’s a hard worker/sincere employee… goes home only to change!), things don’t get any better.
    It’s the rare perceptive boss who understands the difference between ‘sitting’ late and ‘working’ late!!

  • Very soon, the managers start expecting all employees to put in extra hours.

Most bachelors are completely oblivious to the fact that life changes when one gets married. Work does not remain the be-all and end-all of one’s existence and one is kept busy juggling work and family commitments.

Many bosses are not able to digest the fact that, the erstwhile ‘hardworking’ guy gets transformed into an ‘early leaver’, even when he leaves an hour beyond regular working hours, and more importantly is able to get the same amount of work done.

Employees leaving on time after doing their tasks for the day are labeled work-shirkers.

Women who, with good reason, generally (its changing now-a days… though) leave on time are labeled “not up to it”. All the while, the bachelor as snug as a bug in a rug carries on ‘working’, not realizing that he’s spoiling the work culture, which is sure to boomerang on them some time.

So, what’s the moral of the story??

  • Never put in extra time unless it’s really needed.

Don’t stay back un-necessarily and spoil your company work culture, which will in turn cause inconvenience to you and your colleagues. There are lots of things one can do to make good use of his leisure. You could, for instance, learn music or a foreign language; take up sporting activities; get yourself a girlfriend and take her around town; also, cyber surfing rates have dropped to an all-time low (and there are no firewalls there); try cooking for a change.

Take tip from the Smirnoff as: “Life’s calling, where are you??”

Please pass on this message to all your colleagues including those who stay back in the office for everything other than work.

And please do it before leaving time, don’t stay back till midnight to forward this!



Preetam said...

Shikha, currently ‘PST’ is driven by ‘AST’ … (hey its AFter standard time) hope in future at least ‘PST’ will change soon!

Paresh said...

Hey Preetam,
at PONL we are supposed to provide 24x7 support .. still u will not find a single person after 8:00 PM !

U know.. who me !! said...

Pappya... I thought u wrote such a good article ... and was amazed to see not much spelling mistakes as u normally do !!
Alas.. teh credit is of Shikha... [/)]