Wednesday, June 15, 2005

"Hello World" blog !

I seen my friends’ blogging on web and then I thought what this blog is? Lets give it a shot! And here is my blog … u r reading!

I was always thinking of having my own home page but till date I have not managed that L. So lets blog first!

Life moves very fast, a lot of things happen in our day-to-day routine, we laugh, shout and even cry … I think this is all Life … lets take it as it comes; its very exciting and lets make it more. I always say, “Are yar life main kuch excitement hona chahiye!” Lets share that excitement here!
I can see/feel excitement literarily in anything… let it be my bug free program, let it be a sat-sun at Deccon or even let it be a travel by PMT or my rejected BITS application!

After all somewhere I had read “Great Minds Are Open”…

What I will be posting? Anything! Starting from experiences/thoughts/fundas to tech/hot/cool stuff! (And even nothing)......

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